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We offer access to Military Service Records of individual U.S, Veterans.  Additionally we offer access to After Action Reports, Morning Reports, Unit Rosters and other unit records available at the National Archives. We are on-site at the National Archives and in most cases we are faster and/or cheaper than going directly through the government to obtain records. 

Payment: We copy,scan and then bill you for your military records. The invoice comes right to your email inbox. Once the bill is paid the scanned copies of the military records come right to your email inbox. Scroll down to see the prices for military service records.


Prices for Military Records

Military Service Records are $75-100 depending on the size of the record.

Fire related, reconstructed Army or Air Force records are $30-40 plus copies depending on the size of the record. 

Morning Reports, Unit Rosters, After Action Reports, and other unit records are offered at an hourly rate of $50 per hour. Copy fees may apply depending on the type of records requested. Please fill out the order form below for the type of records you need.


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